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 There is no Korean who don’t like La Myun. La Myun is not Korean traditional food, but Koreans made this food into Korean special style. La Myun is originated in Japan. But Korea knew about La Myun and know its convenience and made it into Koreans’ style. The original Japaan La Myun (La Men) is not fried, and La Men’s soup is made up of beef-soup stock. But our Korean La Myun is spicier and the noodle is fried.

 There are many kinds of La Myun in Korea. Most of people eat La Myun in their home. They also create their La Myun. La Myun’s taste is change of the ingredients. If the La Myun include cheese, it will be “Cheese La Myun”, if there are rice cake, it will be “Rice cake La Myun.” It will be your La Myun according to one’s liking.

 Koreans’ also like La Myun because it is fast and convenient. You can make La Myun in 5 minutes and even you can make cup La Myun with only boiling water. It’s really great.



Yu-Na Kim got grand slam of figure with winning the gold medal on the Vancouver Olympics. Concerning about competition with Asada Mao (Japan), she won the gold medal establishing world record on both short and free program. She got 78.50 on the short program and 150.06 on free program. So she established world record as total 228.56. This is the big gap with Asada Mao who won the silver medal.

 After the free program Yu-Na Kim finally dropped her tears, impressed herself.

 The mess media all over the world surprised at her and gave her unstinted praise. Now, in Korea, Yu-Na Kim is on hot issue, all of the nation are being proud of her.



 In Korea, there is a big festive day called Seol which is New year. As other fesive days in other countries, also Koreans gather with their families, eat special foods of Seol, play Korean traditional games.

 I’ll introduce one of the famous traditional game which has been played by many people in Seol since long time ago. It is Korean board game called “Yut-Nori”. This is a Korean board game and has been played by many people.

 First of all, you have to prepare some things to play this game. The first thing is the game board.

 You can do the game with drawn game board. But you should draw as the same way of this game board ↑, and also you need Mal that represent your place in the game board. Things like button is great.

 Star the game at the place where the tiger picture is, and if you reach at place of big circle, you can use short way to reach the end of the board.

 Second, you need to prepare Yut.

 These are Yut. Yut is 4 sticks that made up of wood. It has front and back, and the front is little bit round and some pictures are in the front. In the back it is flat and nothing is written in the back. If you don’t have Yut, you can do it with some sticks that showing front and back. You SHOULD know if it is front or back. 

Now, let’s start the GAME!

You have to throw your Yut toghether. Put toghether and throw it.

Then, the Yut will be placed on the floor. It will be all different, and it can be good or bad. It is your fortune.

 This picture is showing “Do” which means go one fowrad. It is the ONE in the dice. Only one yut is facing backward and the others are forwarding upward.

This is “Gae” and it means go forward two steps. It is same meaning as TWO in dice. Two of  Yut is facing back and the other Yuts are facing forward.

 This is “Gul” and it means go forward three steps and it mens THREE in the dice. Only one of the Yut is facing front and the othere Yuts are facing back.

 This is “Yut” and all of yuts are facing backward. It means go 4 steps. It is same as 4 in the dice. If you throw and have “Yut”, you have one more chance to throw them.

 Finally, this is “Mo” and if you have “Mo, you can go 5 steps on the game board. All of the yuts are facing front. Also, if you have “Mo”, you have one more chance to throw the yuts.

Did you learned a lot about our traditional game? I learned about this game when I was in elelmentary school and I had a lot of fun playing this game with my family. It is really great, and I personally recommend you to try it!

 Today, the 2010 Winter Olympics started starting with the Opening Ceremony. This 21st Winter Olympics is helding in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It will be end on 1st March, 2010 through ending ceremony.

 Korea will be attent Olympics 12 events with 46 players. Among them, Kim Yu-Na is the most highlighted.

 She was born in 5th September, 1990 and she started skating since she was 7. She has swept numerous awards and trophy in world competition. She made a new world record as 207.71 on 2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships.

 Not only all of the nation in Korea but also many people in all over the world are looking forward to get gold medal on this Olympics.

 She will have competition in 9:30, Wednesday 24th Feburary, 2010 with short program and 10:00, Friday 26th Feburary with free program.

 This is the video when she performed and got world record!

 Miasamgeori is a subcenter of Seoul. It is a station which is part of Subway Line No.4. Near the Miasamgeori Station, department stores (Lotte, Hyundai), Superstore (E-Mart), theater, chain stores, cafes, and lots of streets shops are located.

 Firstly, I arrived at Miasamgeri Station. These are the pictures of Miasamgeori Station.



↑ This Sign shows people the subways’ location and when it will be come.

As I said in the introducing subway posting (Using the Subway), this is the card cognition machine.

Something that really interesting in Korean subway stations, you can go major place like department stores, theaters, big companies (cooperations). And these days, due to the development there are some apartments that connected with subway station. You can get off the subway and can go to your apartment through the subway station. Wow, it’s really FANTASTIC!!

 Come out of the station exit, you can meet lots of things near  Miasamgeori Station.

Departmnet Store,


  This means “Preparing for the Seol-The New Years in Korea”.

Movie Theater,






Street Shops



I hope you visit here, see and experience lots of things!









 I found this video when I was searching something of Seoul, Korea. This video shows people various part of Seoul. I think this will be great information to foreigners and someone who are planning to visit Seoul!

 This song is “The Light of Seoul” by BoA. She sang this song when she was the public relation of Seoul(Hi, Seoul). This video is the performance that translated in Korean.

 2007, there was a movie called ‘Le Grand Chef’. It was the movie about battle of chefs and it was motivated from a comic ‘Le Grand Chef by Heo Yeong-man. It was really popular between Koreans and the movie was made and became popular. Drama ‘Le Grand Chef’ was also made and had a big hit.


↑The comic book ‘Le Grand Chef’ by Heo Yeong-man.


↑ The movie ‘Le Grand Chef’ directed by Jeon Yoon-su, acted by Kim Kang-woo and Lin Won-hee.

↑The drama ‘Le Grand Chef’ acted by Kim Lae-won, Nam Sang-mi, Kwon O-Jung and Kim So-Yeon.

2 years later after the movie ‘Le Grand Chef’ was made, the movie called ‘Le Grand Chef2-Kimchi War’ was made. It is directed by Baek Dong-hoon, acted by Kim Jeong-eun and Jin gu.  Story of this movie is not connecting with the prior one, but it is new and will show people beatiful aspects of Korean foods. This story is about two chefs’ conflict and competition of Kimchi dishes. It was first runned in Korea on 28th January, 2010. After showing in Korea. I think this movie will be exported to many countries because it can show and let people know more about Korean traditional dishes and Kimchi. Also, the movie will show many kinds of Kimchi. Be expected!

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